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Biodegradable Jade Green Cosmetic Grade Fine Glitter .008", Festival glitter, Tumbler, Guilt-free glitter, cruelty free

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Jade green, fine, opaque, super shiny, biodegradable, fine, ecoglitter, compostable, guilt free glitter, cruelty free, plant-based

Fine .008" hex

Available in:
.14oz / 3g bag - filled by weight
.25oz/ 7g bag - filled by weight
1oz/ 28g bag - filled by weight
2oz shaker - filled by volume
4oz shaker - filled by volume

This glitter is guilt-free and poppin'! Wear it with jewels, micas, other chunky and fine amazing glitters for your raves, festivals and everything in between.

Gorgeous shine and great for nail art as well!

Solvent resistant

Please use care when creating looks with this glitter and avoid using to close to your eyes.

Biodegradable glitter

Our biodegradable glitter is made from a responsibly sourced cellulose and created in the US. That means it is completely plant-based. It is designed to breakdown in compostable environments so that very little if any ever reaches the ocean.

It is never tested on animals.

Try creating amazing looks with either an aloe or hair gel or your favorite facial or body oil. This will keep the glitter in place whether on your cheeks or your other cheeks!

To remove:

Use a cotton ball and make up remover and toss in the bin before washing.

We will be adding new colors and blends all the time so be sure to favorite our shop!

Highest quality cosmetic grade glitter
opaque, jade green