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Glittery Spritz Glitter spray -14ml - Loose ultrafine cosmetic grade glitter, .008, cheer, body glitter

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Highest Quality Ultra-fine cosmetic grade glitter in a dry spray bottle. Goes great in hair or all over skin for an amazing shine!

Colors in the spray include: 

Holographic Silver - a beautiful silver that shines holo and better yet it's biodegradable! 

Holographic Gold - a glittering gold that shines holo in any light 

Firefly - a beautiful white glitter that gleams a beautiful yellow gold that is also biodegradable! 

Sparkling White - a snowy white that glitters so brightly underneath any light. 

Blue Morpho - a white glitter that shines a blueish purple. 

Iridescent Icicle - a white glitter that shines a pretty greenish teal.

So easy to use!
Polyethylene Terephthalate and FDA approved pigments
Cosmetic grade and Ultrafine
Reusable bottle